What is unique about acquiring art on Terrain.art?

We are a team of experienced cultural professionals who bring to our collectors a wide range of curated artworks by underexposed and emerging artists. Terrain.art hosts bi-monthly solo-exhibitions with extensive programming aimed at providing our audience and collectors with insights into the creative processes of the artists we present. The Gallery division of our platform works closely with the Education section to answer questions you may have regarding art processes, styles and histories exhibited.

Terrain.art hosts artists from India, and we are working towards extending our base to other countries of South Asia and the world.

How do I start collecting/buying from Terrain.art?

You can start by browsing the list of artworks for sale on our site. You can embark on your art collecting journey by enquiring about selected works, and our team will get back to you with further details.

What to do when faced with a difficulty in navigating the page?

If you are facing technical issues or having difficulty navigating our website, please reach out to us at hello@terrain.art, and we will be happy to help you.

Is there a physical gallery to view the work before purchase?

We do not have a physical space where you can view the work. However, we are happy to share more images and details of the artworks that you are interested in purchasing.

How are the artworks authenticated?

Sold works will be issued a Certificate of Authenticity duly signed by the artist and our team. The certificate will reach you in a sealed envelope within a maximum of two weeks from the date of your order.

Do I need to personally receive my package upon delivery?

Due to the valuable nature of the artworks, we highly recommend that you receive the package personally, and intimate us that you have received the package in good condition.

Do you ship to anywhere in the world?

We ship internationally but rates will vary based on location and will be calculated based on address details provided.

How do I know when new artworks become available?

If there is a specific artist or style you like, email us at sales@terrain.art and we will intimate you when we recieve a new body of work.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a combination of different technologies put together to create a network of tamper-proof, transparent, digital ledgers. First proposed as a whitepaper in 2008 by an individual or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto, the first known public blockchain network to emerge out of this discourse was Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency network.

What benefits does blockchain provide?

The nature of the public blockchain network ensures that all transactions done on the network are transparent, and every participant in the network sees the same information. The transactions on the network are immutable, once data is entered into the network, it cannot be edited or deleted. This creates an implicit trust in the system, without having to trust a central authority. The decentralised nature of the network ensures that there is data security, as there cannot be a single point of failure, it would take all the computers connected to the network to go offline to take down the blockchain network. All the computers that are part of the network have a copy of all the transactions on the blockchain network.

What are NFTs?

NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital asset that by itself does not have any value associated with it, and is unique in itself, and cannot be replaced by another identical token. Normal digital assets (online concert tickets, for example) do not allow for secure ownership transfer, or use a standardised platform that is compatible across applications. NFTs are used to create unique identifiers for real-world assets in the digital realm. This is equivalent to creating a digital fingerprint of the real-world asset and storing on the blockchain network.

Why use NFTs instead of just registering artwork details on the blockchain?

The properties of the token standard enables users to transfer digital ownership of the real-world asset on the blockchain, in a secure, transparent, tamper-proof manner. This helps establish a secure provenance record for the artwork. helping retain the value of the work without questions raised about the authenticity.

How are NFTs created on Terrain.art?

Terrain.art is working with emerging and established artists from all over India, to register their artworks on the platform. Once the artworks are registered on the platform, an NFT is created/minted for each work on the Ethereum blockchain network by Terrain.art on behalf of the artist, registering the artwork details permanently on the blockchain. At present, all artworks are registered on Ethereum’s test network, Ropsten, and will be migrated to the main network.

What happens to the NFT when an artwork is sold?

Once the artwork purchase is completed, the ownership of the NFT for the work is transferred to the collector’s Ethereum account, transferring digital ownership of the work (alongside physical ownership, in case of physical artworks). The collector can view the details of the NFT in their Ethereum Wallet, and the transaction history is available to view on the blockchain network.

Can I create my own NFT and place it on the marketplace for sale?

Terrain.art is working with artists and collectors to register their artworks on the platform, along with authenticity and provenance documents. We will be opening up the platform soon for creators to register themselves, upload their digital artworks, and place for sale on the open marketplace.

Why purchase NFTs from Terrain.art?

Artworks on Terrain.art are registered by the artists, with verifiable provenance. Purchasing the artwork and NFT from Terrain.art, ensures that the collector is receiving the authentic work, and is receiving digital ownership of the artwork (in addition to physical ownership in the case of a physical work). This helps the collector be assured of the genuineness of the work, and helps retain the value of the work, when the collector is ready to put the work up for sale. Terrain.art is working on providing a platform for collectors to register their existing collections and put their works up for sale as well.

Who can own NFTs on Terrain.art?

Any registered collector on the Terrain.art platform, can purchase a physical artwork with NFT assigned to it, or a digital artwork with NFT assigned to it. An Ethereum account will be created for the collector by Terrain.art (with all security details handed over to the collector. Terrain.art does not store the private key or security information of the collectors), or the collector can login using their existing Ethereum accounts on the platform.

How do I purchase NFTs on Terrain.art?

Any user with an Ethereum account can purchase NFTs on Terrain.art, using Credit/Debit Cards, Netbanking, UPIs via PayU. In case the user does not have an Ethereum account, or is unable to create one themselves, Terrain.art guides them through the creation process, and allows the user to securely download all necessary details, without storing confidential information on our servers. To buy an NFT, the user adds the work to the cart, and follows the checkout process.

Can I purchase NFTs on Terrain.art using crypto currency?

At the moment, Terrain.art accepts payments in FIAT currencies alone (USD, INR, and so on). We will explore other payment options based on legal and regulatory guidelines from the Government.

Which NFT standard is used by Terrain.art?

The ERC-721 token standard is being used by Terrain.art to create NFTs for artworks registered on the platform. The ERC-721 standard enables minting of new NFTs, assigning the tokens to an owner, and transferring ownership of the NFT. The benefit of using an accepted token standard like ERC-721, is the interoperability across various ecosystems, and marketplaces across the Ethereum network, and compatibility with different wallet providers. Additionally, the properties of ERC-721 allow easy tradeability, programmability, and immutability.

Why are the NFTs being minted on Ropsten?

All NFTs on Terrain.art are being minted on Ropsten, the Ethereum test network. We will migrate all NFT information to Ethereum's main network based on legal and regulatory guidelines from the Government.

How is NFT different from crypto or stocks?

A key difference between NFTs and stocks and cryptos is that stocks and cryptos are fungible — meaning each unit is just like the other. One share of Amazon is the same as another share of Amazon, and one Bitcoin token is equal to another. NFTs are non-fungible, meaning the token you buy represents a unique item not directly replaceable by anything else.

How are NFTs created on Terrain Open?

Once the artworks are registered on the platform, creators can mint/create an NFT for each artwork on the Ethereum blockchain network on Terrain Open, registering the artwork details permanently on the blockchain. Creators will need to create an Ethereum account or link existing Ethereum wallets to mint NFTs. When minting NFTs, there are transaction fees that need to be paid to the blockchain network, in Ether (the cryptocurrency used on Ethereum network).

What is an Ethereum wallet or account?

To create an NFT or purchase cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain network, a user needs to create a unique account or wallet on the network. This can be done using any existing crypto wallet app, or via Terrain Open at the time of registration. The account or wallet created needs to be linked to the Terrain Open platform, in order to mint NFTs.

What is the use of crypto on Terrain Open?

Since Terrain Open offers the purchase of NFTs through both fiat currency and crypto, the discretion of using crypto to purchase an NFT lies with the buyer or collector at all times. However, to create NFTs on the Ethereum network, a transaction fee is paid into the network by the creator in the form of Ether for minting the NFTs, Ether being the cryptocurrency used on the Ethereum blockchain network. This fee goes directly to the blockchain network. Crypto can be purchased with INR or any FIAT currency by the creator via a crypto exchange app (for e.g. CoinSwitchKuber, CoinDCX, etc). The purchase of such crypto shall be to the extent permitted by law. We are working on integrating a crypto exchange on Terrain Open, to make the purchase of cryptocurrency easier for our users.

How much to pay to mint an NFT?

The minting costs vary depending on the crypto exchange rates at the time of minting. An estimated cost is shown to the user prior to minting, and only on accepting the costs, will the minting process continue.

How to transfer funds?

The buyer or collector can transfer funds by accessing the link to the payment gateway on Terrain Open.